Why does the price differ?

  • Last Updated on Dec 25, 2022

Looking for travel in Nepal in 2023 and have been confused by the price differences in the trekking and expedition packages? Look no further, you have arrived at the right spot. This blog gives several reasons why you find so much difference in the trekking packages.

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There are several reasons for the price differences even though you book similar packages. Some factors are as follows:

Accommodation in City:

The hotels in the city area like Chitwan, Kathmandu, Pokhara, Lumbini and other places differ in price according to the standard of hotels you choose to stay at. So to reduce the cost, you can exclude the hotel from the package and book by yourself.

Vehicles used during the trek:

The mode of transportation used also determines the differentiation of the cost. The use of public transport costs way cheaper than private transportation like cars, jeeps, flights, microbus, etc.

Use of Staff at the trek:

For your ease in the trek, you hire porters and sometimes an assistant guide along with the main trekking guide, which makes an increment in the trip cost. At the camping trek, the number of Sherpas and cooks determines the cost of the trek.

Choose of Trekking season:

The cost of the permits for the special trekking area, and climbing permits are different in the different trekking seasons. 

Extra Services:

The extra services, you require like the use of helicopters, requirement of electric blankets, and hot showers during the trek are some factor that increases the cost of the trek.

Longer Time spends in the Treks:

For the longer trek, it is obvious that you will need more cost. The longer time you spend in the Himalayas, the cost of food, accommodation, guide and porter salary, and permits increases. In the case of Everest Trek, there is a chance of flight cancellation, which may lead to an extra day stay in Lukla, which you have to bear yourself. So, the choice of a shorter, easily accessible trek and the best time to travel in the region can reduce the trip cost.

Note: The trek itineraries, we organize are of every range, from cheap to luxury. So, if you want to customize the trek according to your tentative budget, please feel free to contact us. We can tailor-make the itinerary according to your choice of place to stay and the duration of the holiday and try to make it the best and most memorable.

Benjila Dhital

Benjila Dhital

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