1) What is the best season to trek in Nepal?

The weather and temperature conditions vary from different parts of Nepal. The months ideal for trekking is September to December and February to May. However, trekking during the winter and summer seasons is still possible. The ideal treks for the summer season are Upper Mustang, Nar Phu Valley, Dolpo region treks.

2) How do I obtain the necessary trekking permits?

After the confirmation of the trek with us, we'll arrange the necessary trekking permits for you.

3) Can trekking gear be bought or rented in Kathmandu?

You can find all sorts of the trekking gear in Nepal, around the Thamel area of Kathmandu. It's possible to buy or rent any trekking gear you might need.

4) Do you provide airport pick up and drop service? 

Yes, we provide complimentary pick-up and drop service.

5) How safe is Nepal for travel?

Nepal is a safe country with hospitable people and high religious tolerance. It's our responsibility for your safety and security during all of our trips. So yes, Nepal is safe for travel.

6) What kind of guide do we get?

You will have a local guide who speaks English, honest, friendly and have Intensive Wilderness First Aid Training.

7) How long will we be walking each day on average?

You will be walking on average 5-7 hrs each day. The higher you reach, you will walk for 5-6 hrs, but less distance is traveled as you climb slowly.

8) Should I be concerned about altitude sickness during the Nepal Trek?

During the trek, as you go high, you should be concerned about altitude sickness, and if there are any symptoms regarding altitude sickness, you should inform the guide.

9) Are we allowed to take photographs of the places we see during the tour?

Yes, you are allowed to take photographs of the places. However, taking photos in certain areas need permission, and for that matter, you can consult your guide. 

10) What are the places to visit during Kathmandu City Tour?

The UNESCO World Heritage sites in Kathmandu, Patan, and Bhaktapur are the places to visit in Kathmandu City Tour.

11) Is ATM in the trail? Should I take local currency or foreign currency?

Yes, there is ATM in some places in the trail, but not at all. The shops in the Himalayan areas do not use foreign currency, so you should take the local currency.

12) Are tourists allowed to buy local Sim cards in Nepal?

Yes, tourists are allowed to buy local Sim cards in Nepal. You can buy the one in the supermarket or mobile shops in Thamel.