Privacy Policy

Nepal Nirvana Trails collects information about their clients as per our Know Your Customer Policy. The company needs the information about you to arrange a smooth and effective trip to Nepal. However, we value the privacy of our esteemed clients. We appreciate that you hand over your confidential information to us with trust and ensure you reciprocate the same in the future.

What is the information required by us?

We need the documents that authorize your identification

Name, address, postal code, contact number, and email address.

A copy of your passport to ensure that the information provided by you is not fake.

In any case, if you want to update your information with us, you can mail it to us at our official mailing address. We will update your record with us immediately.

Security of the information

The information provided is kept safe on our company’s server. However, no access is available to such information until and unless the members of Nepal Nirvana Trails need it for some valid reasons. 

Collect some unstated information.

To promote our business, we have to enhance our official site. Therefore, some of your information like page viewed, location, date, and time can be assessed by google analytics to obtain the detail of our web traffic.