Island Peak Climbing from Chhukung - 3 Days

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Know before you go
  • Duration 3 Days
  • Difficulty Level Strenuous
  • Trip Start and End Chhukung to Chhukung
  • Best Season Mar - May and Sep -Nov
  • Trip Area Everest Region
  • Maximum Altitude 6189m.|20305ft.


  • Summiting the Island peak (6189 meters).
  • Astounding views from the summit
  • Practice session for the climb on the base camp. 
  • Closer views of many renowned mountains. 
  • Discover the adventure of climbing the Island Peak 
  • Experience the night climbing and early morning sunshine from the summit.

The trail to Island Peak from Chhukung is well-liked by hikers and climbers in the Everest region. The Island peak's west side is covered in glaciers. The summit demands a lot of courage and willpower. The vistas from the Island peak make it all worthwhile in the end, though. The breathtaking views from the Island peak include Everest, Makalu, Lhotse, and other peaks.

The Island peak, popularly known as Imja Tse is at 6189 meters from sea level and is a part of Lhotse (8516 meters). The Island peak offers training and course for climbing higher mountains. It is an adventurous experience as the trekker has to pass through glaciers, and moraines and walk in the chilly cold weather. 

Island peak offers the perfect Himalayan trekking and climbing experience. You can climb to the summit at 6189 meters and return to the base camp in one day or even less. Island peak climbing is 3-day long that offers a budget-friendly, adventurous, and a climbing experience in a relatively shorter time and on a lower budget. 

The Island peak expedition begins from Chhukung. Chhukung is a small settlement near the Island peak. You will meet your guide and climbing crew from Chhukung, who will check all the gear and equipment. After checking all the equipment, the team heads towards the Island peak. As we head toward the Island peak, there will be various challenges like walking on rugged roads, uncertain weather conditions, etc. You have to keep patience and believe in yourself to complete this trek because this is the trek that tests your endurance during the climb to the summit. 

When you reach the base camp of Island peak, the expedition team will allow you to acclimatize for a few hours and give you the training for using the gears while climbing. Even though the summit takes only a day to climb and descend back, this can be physically draining for anyone. Climbing to a height of over 5000 meters in soft oxygen takes a lot out of a human being and tests your durability and physical strength to the fullest. The summit target involves short sleeping, quick naps, big climbing, and very soft oxygen. A mountaineering experience can help in these situations though it is not necessary. You will be involved in physical endurance for 3 days. So, we request you to stay prepared for the worse. 

The Island peak climbing route 

Island peak follows the rugged and difficult road from the beginning of Chhukung. The road even gets worse when you reach the base camp. You will need crampons, ropes, and even ladders at some places to the summit. There is an ice wall before reaching the summit which makes the journey to this summit even tougher. This part of the climb can be extremely treacherous if the climber loses his/her calm. One must be extremely cautious in this part because losing your calm can result in very painful experiences. Previously, there used to be a High Camp that had reduced the difficulty of climbing by a margin but due to lack of water and landslide effected in the camp is closed to the public these days. 

Finally, we will enjoy a relaxing stroll as we approach the summit's final stretch, which provides breathtaking views of the Khumbu peaks. Heartbreaking views of numerous mountains, including Lhotse, Ama-Dablam, Lhotse, Makalu, and Barunste, will be available from the summit. We won't be able to see Mount Everest, though, as it is directly behind Lhotse. You will forget all about the exhaustion of the journey there as you take in the breathtaking panoramic view from the top of Island Peak.

This quick plan to climb Island Peak is intended for independent hikers and climbers who simply need support with supplies. You can hike to Chhukung at any time to start your Island Peak Adventure journey because we have our climbing team residing at Chhukung itself. You stay one night in a neighborhood teahouse and another at Island Peak Base Camp while camping.

After completing any journey in the Khumbu region, the Island peak from Chhukung was joined. Acclimatize yourself via several routes, such as Renjo La pass (5338m), Chola Pass (5420m), Kala Patthar (5545m), and Kongma La pass (5535m), or via Jiri, Phaplu, Lukla, or any other area of the Everest region. In addition to the hiking thrill of ascending Island Peak, we also get to see unspoiled Sherpa communities and incredibly calm monasteries with reflective recollections of the earlier treks.

What Makes Nepal Nirvana Trails Unique?

Nepal Nirvana Trails has expertise in trekking, climbing trekking peaks, and also expeditions to the higher mountains. Nepal Nirvana Trails has associates who have worked and conducted thousands of travel plans for more than two decades. Our experienced and expert guides handle the problems that may arise during the route efficiently and effectively. You will gather the homely environment and expert service from us as your travel planner. 

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Day to Day Details

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You can join the Island peak via Chhukung along with the Everest Three Pass or Everest Base Camp Trek. You will meet the climbing guide with the climbing crew at Chhukung. Chhukung, a little settlement at the foot of Island Peak, offers a few teahouses and places to rent climbing gear and other equipment, so you can get all you need to climb Island Peak there. 

  • 4730m.|15515ft.

We will leave Chhukung and head towards Island Peak Camp after breakfast. As we move ahead, we can see the Lhotse & Imja glaciers are within easy reach of the trail. The mountain and glacier vistas are spectacularly standing foreground. We will arrive at Island Peak Base Camp after a strenuous ascent. We will stay in the camp tent and have the food prepared by the climbing team. Then, we will have the pre-climbing training session, where the guide will help us with the climbing gear. We will sleep early and wake around 12 - 1 and start getting ready for our summit attempt.

  • Tent Camp
  • Lunch and Dinner
  • 5100m.|16728ft.

We will follow the guidance of the climbing guide and head towards Island Peak with the light of the headlights at the midnight. We will have our packed meals along with us. It's crucial to get going earlier because we need to reach the peak, even before the afternoon wind picks up and the clouds roll in. The mountain becomes extremely windy and cloudy as the day goes on. We eventually, reach High Camp after some time spent ascending. And after climbing for a few hours, we will get to the summit of Island Peak from where we can enjoy the pleasant dawn across the summits of Mera, Makalu, Ama Dablam, Baruntse, Chamlang, and other mountains. After the successful climb of Island Peak, we will take photographs at the peak for a while before returning down the same path. To reach base camp, one must do a lengthy and strenuous descent. Because most accidents happen when people are descending, keep your eyes open and use caution. We hike back to Chhukung after resting sometimes at the Base Camp.

  • Tea House
  • Breakfast, Packed Lunch and Dinner
  • 6189m.|20305ft.

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Route Map

Island Peak Climbing from Chhukung - 3 Days map

What's Included

  • Experienced Sherpa Climbing Guide from Chhukung
  • Island Peak Climbing permits
  • Camping crew with Tent Camp and breakfast, packed lunch and dinner
  • Climbing Equipment including ice axe, helmets, harness, Crampons, etc.  
  • One-night accommodation in Chhukung after return from the summit
  • One Dinner in Chhukung after return from the summit

What's Excluded

  • Travel and health insurance covering emergency Rescues and evacuations
  • Climbing Boots ( $20 per day, let us know the size in advance)
  • Sleeping Bags, Gloves, and Down Jackets 
  • Personal Expenses
  • Tips for climbing guide (it is expected)

Upcoming Departures

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Useful Info

Island Peak From Chhukung Climbing Difficulty

Island Peak, after the rocky and challenging path that leads from Chhukung's beginning. When you get to the base camp, the pathway becomes challenging. To reach the summit, you may require ropes and crampons. The climb to this summit is made more difficult by an ice wall that stands in the way. If the climber loses control at this portion of the ascent, it might be very dangerous. In this section, considerable caution must be taken because losing your composure might lead to highly painful experiences. Previously, there was a High Camp that significantly lessened the difficulty of ascending, but owing to water shortages and landslides, the camp is now off limits to the general public. In short, Island peak climbing is challenging as well as adventurous, and enjoyable. 

Island Peak Permit Costs 2024

Island Peak permit costs are variable in different seasons. They are due to the capacity of the peak and traffic it gets in the good seasons. The permit costs for the mountain climb are:

$250 per person in Spring Season(March-May)

$125 per person in Autumn Season(Sep-Nov)

$70 per person in Winter(Dec-Feb) and Summer(Jun-Aug)

Island Peak Climb Cost

Island peak costs are variable in different seasons. The tour costing can get different according to the cost of permits. In addition, base camp lodging, climbing sherpas, and climbing equipment are provided. Island Peak is climbed using the traditional base camp route to Chhukkung. Before and after ascending Island Peak, you will get the opportunity to stroll among Sherpa communities.

Best Time To Climb Island Peak 2024

Island Peak is allowed to climb during any season. You can choose your climbing season according to the season. However, the best seasons are said to be Autumn(Sep-Nov) and Spring(Mar-May). These seasons offer the best of the climates, views, and environment for the climb that a climber needs. So we recommend you to choose your plan majorly in these seasons. If you want to take more off-beat climbs and be more adventurous, you can always plan the climbing during Winter(Dec- Feb) and Summer(Jun- Aug). 

Food and Accommodations

You will have basic services of food and accommodations in Chhukung. But after passing Chhukung and climbing to the way of Island Peak Base Camp, you won't have any mode of accommodation available, and you have to rely on camping and packed food. You have to have enough nutritious food during the climb of the extremely cold temperature of Island Peak. You will be provided with the necessary items for accommodation like a tent camp, ice axe, crampons, rope, helmet, etc. The other essentials like a down jacket, sleeping bags, climbing boots, and gloves can be taken on rent from Chhukung or Kathmandu.

Travel Tip 


You will have basic accommodation services available in Chukkung but since you climb up from that place there are no established accommodation services available. You have to solely rely on the camping tents. Make sure you carry enough camping tents with you to set them up. You should carry the duffle bags, and sleeping bag with you as well. 

Weather Conditions

The weather conditions of Island peak will be extremely uncertain and we rather recommend you be extremely cautious and mentally prepared for the worse. But you will be experiencing the extreme experiences of adventure in bad weather conditions. 


You will have electricity available in the Chhukung Village but you must rely on the torchlights when you climb up to the Island Peak from Chhukung. 


Tipping the guides and other service providers is not mandatory, but it is advised to retain their confidence and harmony in their job. They could feel overwhelmed by the meager tip.

Last-minute booking

For your convenience, Nepal Nirvana Trails accepts both reservations and last-minute bookings from travelers. At least 48 hours before the departure time, you can make travel arrangements. You may always tailor your trip to suit your needs and travel at the best time of year. Please contact us via email at or WhatsApp at +977 9841380469 for any queries and immediate booking.


  • Island Peak climbing is a tough job. You will require ropes, ladders, and crampons to tackle the difficulties. This part of the ascent could be quite dangerous if the climber is not quite fit. This area requires a great deal of cautiousness because losing confidence could result in extremely painful experiences.

  • If we are being honest, the answer is no. You would not get the communication services available widely. But you might get the telecommunication signals in the Base Camp if the weather is friendly. 

  • Island Peak is not an easy climb. Although breathing is challenging, you should be able to handle the altitude if sufficient acclimatization is done beforehand, as well as by being hydrated and getting enough nutrients. This will be your last challenge when you reach the vertical wall. In addition, by the time you get to this point, you will have been walking for 4-5 hours. Your body should be ready to handle those obstacles thanks to all of your past endurance and strength training. We recommend having at least one trekking of higher altitudes like Everest Base Camp Trek.

  • Selecting the appropriate equipment is crucial. We encourage climbers to pay attention to layering comfortably and to avoid compromising on the quality of their equipment and apparel. You will rely heavily on your clothing to keep you warm enough for the chilly evening temperatures, which can drop as low as -10/-15 degrees celsius.

Client Reviews

  • T
    TimothyUnited StatesJune 07, 2024

    KP at Nepal Nirvana took care of us!

    My wife and I did the 3 pass loop unguided, but went through Nepal Nirvana for a guided Island Peak ascent as well as booking flights to/from Lukla.
    KP (owner of Nepal Nirvana) was incredibly helpful and communicative the whole way. We coordinated with him to refine our Island Peak summit date as the day got closer to take advantage of the best weather, and he also connected us with very helpful guest house owners at various times.
    He has great relationships with the community in the Khumbu region, which is how stuff gets done up there, and goes the extra mile to ensure his clients are taken care of. We were recommended to him by an acquaintance, and I would also recommend him for any guided trek or as a travel agent if trekking independently.

    Dear Timothy, Namaste!
    Thank you so much for taking the time to share your wonderful experience with us about the Island Peak Climbing. Your satisfaction and happiness mean the world to us. Thank you once again for choosing and recommending our services. We look forward to welcoming you back for more unforgettable adventures in the future!
    Best Regards,
    Kp Dhital and Nepal Nirvana Trails Team.
    WhatsApp: +977 9841380469

  • N
    Nathan VergerFranceNovember 23, 2023

    Fantastic Island Peak climb

    I had an excellent experience with Nepal Nirvana for this Island Peak climb. This 3 days from Chukhung was fitting perfectly during my solo trek. KP and his team took care of everything including boots, guide and gear. I have been extremely happy with the customer service that Nepal Nirvana provided. Simply the best!

    Dear Nathan, Namaste!
    Thank you for sharing your wonderful experience with the Nepal Nirvana Trails team! We are glad to hear that you were satisfied with the service provided during the Island Peak Climbing. Wish to see you again for more adventures and provide our services.
    Best Regards,
    Kp Dhital and Nepal Nirvana Trails Team.
    WhatsApp: +977 9841380469   

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