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  • Last Updated on Aug 26, 2022

Are you heading to Nepal for mountain climbing or trekking on an adventure? If the answer is yes, make sure your travel insurance is credible. For all clients who want to travel to Nepal with Nepal Nirvana Trails, we recommend you get travel insurance. However, the travel insurance you are considering must pay for medical expenses and emergency airlifts. We suggest to our precious clients that your insurance be worth as much as possible. 

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Trekking and visiting the Himalayas consist of many unforeseen risks. It is generous to be ready for any risk, which may arise during your travel to Nepal. Numerous travel insurance companies provide great returns in case of calamities. There is always a danger of minor health problems, injuries, and most crucially - altitude sickness, etc., when it comes to trekking in the Nepalese Himalayas.

It is essential to choose a plan that covers the helicopter rescue from the Himalayas in case of fatal calamities and acute altitude sickness. The only way out of the mountains in such dire situations as an emergency evacuation is by helicopter service. This consists of a rescue squad for both ground rescue and evacuation. Because of this, we need your trip insurance to pay for the cost of helicopter assistance and Himalayan evacuation (up to 6000m).

Travel Insurance for Trekking 

Traveling and hiking might expose you to serious and minor incidents that can keep you in the hospital and increase your healthcare expenditures. Therefore, you should purchase trip insurance that includes high altitude illness, clinical help, and helicopter evacuation services. Since there is always a remote probability when climbing to the top of big hills, it will be your advantage if something goes wrong with you.

Travel Insurance for Peak Climbing 

Peak climbing is a difficult and dangerous adventure you can undertake in Nepal. You must have travel insurance that can cover the top evacuation system in Nepal, helicopter rescue, and medical expenses if you have any plans to visit Nepal and experience peak climbing. You should be completely prepared for anything because you could end up spending a huge amount on medical costs in risky situations.

Travel Insurance for other Outdoor Activities

Other outdoor activities like sightseeing, day hikes at lower altitudes, forest safaris, birdwatching, etc. do not create a risk to human life, so purchasing travel insurance is not required. The risks of injury from these activities are low, and the cost of treatment is also low.

Recommended Travel Companies 

Based on our previous clients’ uses and experiences, we have listed some of the insurance companies which we found reliable and with better services. We recommend you use them as your insurance partner while traveling to Nepal or any other country.

For the USA

  • Travelex Insurance
  • World nomads /Tripmate USA
  • Travel Safe Insurance
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Seven Corner

For Canada

  • RBC Travel Insurance
  • TuGo Travel Insurance
  • Can Assistance
  • TIC Travel Insurance
  • Allianz Canada

For Europe

  • Racc Spain
  • Fedmi Spain
  • Europ Assistance (All European)
  • Allianz Travel Insurance (Germany, Switzerland)
  • Hens Merkur ( Germany )
  • Uniqa Insurance (Austria)
  • Dog Tag (UK)
  • Alpineverein ( Austria, Germany)
  • British Mountaineering Council (BMC)

For Australia

  • Allianz Travel Insurance

  • Cover More
  • Budget Direct Travel Insurance
  • 1 Cover Travel Insurance (New Zealand)
  • Aussietravelcover
  • Fast Cover New Zealand

For Asia and the Middle East

  • Clal Insurance (Israel)
  • Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance (Japan)
  • Life Card Travel Insurance (Japan)
  • Sompo Insurance (Japan)

We recommend our valuable customers choose the best travel insurance policy according to your travel plans. Planning better insurance can save lives and savings. Your local travel insurance companies give you the best values for the travel plans you have. 

Benjila Dhital

Benjila Dhital

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